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In the global automotive industry, the name Gates is synonymous with high-quality products and services that solve drive problems. Charles Gates bought the company in 1911 and built it up from a small store to the globally renowned company that it is today. In 1996, The Gates Rubber Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tomkins PLC, ending 85 years of ownership by the Gates family. Gates belts and hoses are specified by OEMs around the world enabling them to provide OE-equivalent products to the automotive industry in the car and CV sectors.

Specialisation, research and quality control are the basis of Gates’ success. Products supplied by Strongline Autoparts Ltd. include V-Belts, Micro V-Belts, Powergrip Timing Belts, Micro V-kits, Hoses, Hose Connecters & Kits, Hose Clamps, Thermostats, Fuel Caps, Merchandisers, Timing Belt Kits, Electronic Belt Tension Testers, Radiator Caps, Tensioners and Pulleys. Strongline Autoparts currently have in excess of 3,000 part numbers listed.