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Based in Leeds and established in 1974, Ring Automotive has become synonymous with innovative developments in the world of vehicle lighting and auto-electrical products. From the first twin blister packs, to the award winning Performance Halogen range, to the latest bulb references, Ring has constantly innovated to ensure their customers are first to market. Unique relationships with OEM and OES customers have demonstrated their ability to design and produce world class technological innovations.

Through their knowledge of vehicle electrics, Ring Automotive has been able to design and supply a range of other auto electrical items such as battery chargers, battery packs, torches and in-car accessories. Today Ring Automotive has an extensive range of 24v products for commercial vehicles, that include the leading OE quality TruckMaster bulbs through to their innovative LED work lights and Backguard reversing systems. The business has become one of the largest and leading manufacturer and distributor of vehicle lighting and auto-electrical products in the UK and across the world where they export to over 70 countries.