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Electric times ahead for Ring and Strongline Autoparts

Strongline have been distributing Ring automotive products in Ireland for over 40 years. One of the big growth areas in the automotive aftermarket has been the increase in sales of products for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles. This increase has kept pace with the sales of this group of vehicles which now have a combined market share of 42% of new vehicle sales. It is predicted that by 2035 nearly all cars sold across the globe will be electric and by 2050 nearly all trucks will be electric. Clearly this will change the way we drive and have a significant impact on the way we live and how we travel.

Ring has a comprehensive range of EV cables which are durable, waterproof and TUV tested and approved. The charging cables are IP65 and IK10 certified and are suitable for use in all weather conditions and are protected from damage due to being dropped or driven over. The Ring cables which are made from pure copper for the best transfer of current, are available in Type 1 and Type 2 connectors and can be used for single phase electricity in domestic settings and three phase for commercial buildings.

Motorists also the need to protect the cables from wear and tear and accidental damage. After all, cables are the lifeline to the car and if cables are damaged or unsafe to use this could leave drivers stranded with no way of getting power into the vehicle. The Ring accessory range includes anti trip cable ramps which has channels for two cables and can be driven over without damaging the cable inside. Cable bags and wall mounted cable holders among the accessories available as is a charger suitable for regular 3 pin plugs.
The full range of Ring EV charging cables and accessories are available from Strongline Autoparts as is the rest of the extensive Ring range.