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FEBEST & Strongline Autoparts: offering service and profit options for garages and motor factors

Strongline Autoparts who partner FEBEST in Ireland, stock a comprehensive range of FEBEST products and offers their motor factor customers a 48-hour delivery from the FEBEST warehouse. This delivery option has proven to be a great benefit to their garage customers and is a service that many of Strongline competitors in the Irish market cannot provide.

As the age of the Irish vehicle parc is rising along with the production costs, more drivers are availing themselves of the option of a good value after-market service. FEBEST specializes in repair kits and components which regularly are the only budget friendly alternatives to OEM parts.

FEBEST has been known for many years as offering an extensive range of spare parts for Japanese and Korean passenger cars, and Toyota models in particular. Nevertheless, the FEBEST range for European and American vehicles has massively expanded over the last two years. Currently the FEBEST catalogue features 15700 parts, most of which enables the replacement of a broken component instead of the whole module. This kind of repair is cost-effective for the consumer and the garage. –ěn-time replacement of such components as bushings (e.g. shock bushings), sealing rings, oil seals, boots, drive shaft couplings, spring seats, brake caliper rubber parts etc. prolongs the lifespan of the adjoining parts. The FEBEST range includes components and repair kits for suspension, steering, clutch and braking systems, as well as components for air conditioning, exhaust, engine timing and transmission.

Recently introduced new product lines such as shock absorbers and cables have been launched to meet demands from garages. Suspension parts for TESLA models are now also available.

All FEBEST packaging is made of recycled cardboard with no lamination and minimum printing which is 100% recyclable and friendly to the environment.

The comprehensive FEBEST catalogue can be found here.