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In over 120 countries around the globe the MEYLE brand is a hallmark of top-quality spare parts designed to meet the needs of the independent aftermarket. The MEYLE range boasts 15,600 items and has distributed in Ireland by Strongline Autoparts since 2012.

The Premier Source for better Quality Parts

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG manufactures and markets automotive spare parts under its MEYLE brand. Since 1995 Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG has been manufacturing and trading under its MEYLE brand top-grade quality-tested spare parts for passenger cars, vans and commercial vehicles.

15,600 items, Excellent Quality, Reasonable Prices

At present MEYLE’s range of wear and tear parts comprises 15,600 items. At the heart of the MEYLE brand are steering and suspension components, rubber-to-metal parts, brakes and damping components. A special advantage is their HD parts program – innovative components designed by their own team of engineers to provide enhanced technical characteristics compared to original-equipment parts.

Kick-off of the MEYLE HD range

The MEYLE brand debuts with the first optimised vehicle spare parts under the name MEYLE HD parts. The parts which are clearly superior to original equipment components thanks to technical improvements raise the global profile of Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG and are the flagship products of the MEYLE brand.

MEYLE Product Range

The MEYLE brand supplies its customers with more than 15,600 extremely reliable and durable spare parts manufactured at our own production facilities or by trusted production partners. MEYLE boasts a highly diversified product range. Whether steering and suspension components, rubber-to-metal parts, brakes, damping components, cooling systems, filters, drive components, electric and sensors MEYLE is synonymous with top-grade quality-tested spare parts.

MEYLE – Premium Quality for Vehicle Classes from S to XXL

Whether passenger car, van or commercial vehicle parts MEYLE is always a smart choice. Because products of the MEYLE brand stand for outstanding quality and enhanced performance. From production to delivery MEYLE spare parts are subjected to subsequent multi-stage testing to ensure our products meet the stringent quality standards of an O.E. manufacturer. MEYLE parts – engineered and quality-tested in Germany.

MEYLE-HD parts: Spare parts with an extra touch of quality

Ever shorter engineering cycles and cost and material restraints on the part of the vehicle manufacturers frequently rule out the most sophisticated solution. No wonder that the number of recalls is on the increase and more and more components out of the production series fail prematurely. And this is just where MEYLE-HD parts come into play. Their design has been optimised compared to OE solutions and they simply last longer.

MEYLE-HD Parts: The better Solution

The MEYLE brand name instantly calls to mind HD – for a very good reason: MEYLE-HD parts mean improved reliability and durability thanks to engineering innovations. Experts at Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG have re-engineered OE designs to optimise part performance. HD parts feature a more robust design, higher-grade materials, or optimised rubber-to-metal geometries. And this is why many MEYLE-HD spare parts outperform their counterparts from original equipment suppliers. They rightly bear the “MEYLE Quality” seal and the “HD” (heavy-duty) supplement to their part number.

MEYLE-HD Warranty

MEYLE-HD parts simply last longer. Their technically optimised and reinforced designs make them more durable and reliable compared to OE components. So, it goes without saying that manufacturer Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG offers extended warranty protection for Meyle-HD parts.

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